27 Jul 2022



Immergas driving new investments to boost the transition to innovative and more sustainable home climate solutions. Chairman Alfredo Amadei: “Leveraging our competitiveness, we’ll continue investing to bring certainty to the market and to our employees around the world”.


Always take ”the extra step”. This is the key to Immergas’ growth that has been continuing since 1964 despite the current unprecedented complex scenario: pandemic, war in Ukraine, unparalleled difficulties in the procurement of raw materials and semi-finished products, sky rocketing energy costs.  “The extra step” is what confirms the positioning of Immerfin holding, controlled by the Amadei and Carra families, among the key players of sustainability and energy-saving oriented innovation in home climate systems.  The increase of sales volumes has enabled the company to keep the high investment levels that year after year have anticipated market trends with daring choices, such as the Hybrid Change/Chance (i.e. hybrid systems), which today represents “the extra step” in the challenging transition to innovative and more sustainable home climate systems offered by Immergas heat pumps and hybrid systems that recorded a 250% growth in 2021 sales. 

“Thanks to our competitiveness (8,000,000 boilers sold worldwide)” - remarked the Chairman of Immerfin, Alfredo Amadei – “we will continue investing to make Immergas grow to bring certainty (stability, continuity, evolution opportunities) to the market, designers, installers, retailer chains, end customers and our employees worldwide.  It is thanks to our employees (over one thousand of whom 620 at the headquarters of Lentigione di Brescello) that we can always offer the most suitable solution.  At our Research Center - Laboratorium we are testing advanced solutions: hydrogen, different gas blends, new heat pumps, new photovoltaic systems and many digital solutions to make the home climate control smart both for comfort and for management costs”.


2021 results and 2022 outlook – After six months of growth, 2022 is all about increasing sales: “if the deliveries of parts were regular” – points out Alfredo Amadei – “the positive trend would be even stronger, but what counts is our daily commitment to ensure the flow of goods leaving our plants: from Brescello, from Poprad (Slovakia), from our production plant in China, and in Quazvin (Iran) that is about to double in size”.


New investments – In addition to the “work in progress” in production plants, acceleration on new technologies is confirmed by projects like the Green Gas Academy, a true point of excellence, to look at the future, when the energy source mix will be increasingly more based on renewables, with the certainty of “the extra step”.


Immergas world – Researching new markets .

Alfredo Amadei: “We are living through a momentous and fast transition. Through our presence in more than 50 countries we see opportunities and “the extra step” decided in 2010 when we set up Immerenergy to take on the challenge of the world of photovoltaic energy and energy sources other than gas is now of strategic importance. In 2021 and even more in the first half of this year, the Immerenergy activities targeted to spread hybrid systems have been growing at very positive rates. As is the case of condensing boilers that have been “at home” in Immergas for many years and continue evolving thanks to digital solutions.  In 2021, 65% of the boilers manufactured was sold on foreign markets with successful case histories, such as the case of the Alpha Heating Innovation brand in the UK, Vips Gas in the Czech Republic and many more”.

In Ukraine and Russia, accounting for 2% of Immergas’ consolidated turnover, activities continue.


“The extra step” has something new - In the year of its 60th anniversary, Immergas is going to have new solutions to place on the market.  At the right time, as usual: “with no leap forward, but never a step behind. The same strategy adopted for its approach to sustainability, which is an overarching concept for Immergas, a part of its DNA, of the company’s genetic code” concludes Chairman Alfredo Amadei.

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All over Europe, the new communication line “The hybrid Change/Chance” marks the start of the development plan that takes the group to its 60th year from foundation with the launch of new HVAC solutions increasingly geared to sustainability. 


The 2020 consolidated financial statements of Immerfin, the Italian holding company that controls the firm from Brescello (RE), positions the group among the leaders in innovation aimed at sustainability and energy saving in home climate systems: turnover of Euro 283 million and over 1,000 employees worldwide, with exports accounting for 54% of its activities.