15 Oct 2021



A meeting in Milan, finally held in person, marks the start of the new global development plans of the group, which is about to end 2021 with a double-digit turnover increase and opens a branch in the Netherlands.


Brescello 15 October 2021 – Finally in person, with all the languages the “Immergas world” speaks daily, 15 countries come together to discuss the road map that will lead to significant innovations: new home climate solutions, more and more focused on hybrid and no gas systems, ingenious formulas to enhance the reliability of products and services to the end customer which Immergas has been offering since 1964, and many initiatives for promoting the Immergas brand in all international markets.

«To us, Made in Italy - points out Alfredo Amadei, President of Immergas – «is an extremely important added value, but just as important is bringing it to all the areas of the world where we operate now and where will be operating in the next few years. As it is happening in the Netherlands, with the opening of our first branch in the country. With Immergas Nederland BV in Zwolle, about 100 kilometres from Amsterdam, we aim to offer our most advanced solutions: hybrid systems and heat pumps. We have just participated in an important exhibition - Vakbeurs Energie - and the response was positive. We wanted to dedicate the first event actually in person, after the difficult months of the pandemic, to an international meeting, in order to establish the key points of the work programmes for 2022 and beyond and confirming our strong investment in innovation, which will bring great changes to the Immergas systems - more and more digitally controlled and based on renewable energy sources - yet never losing sight of the main objective: the climate comfort of homes around the world. As early as 2022, our investment plan will lead the group towards new frontiers - which have also been outlined by the European Green New Deal - to the use of biogas and hydrogens, with solutions designed for the home climate, starting with the expansion (doubling) of the Iran plant, together with ongoing investments in all the other production facilities of the group».

In 2020 the Immergas export share was 54%. Sales volumes have increased by 23% in Romania, by 11% in Great Britain and Slovakia, by 7% in Bulgaria, by 5.5% in Hungary, and by 6% in Poland, while they are substantially stable in Italy and in Greece. The upward trend continued in the first six months of 2021 in a way that leads to the expectation a double-figure turnover increase at the end of the year both in Italy and abroad.

The 2020 consolidated financial statement of Immerfin, the Italian holding company that controls Immergas - which has its headquarters in Brescello (Reggio Emilia) - reports revenues of 283 million euros with over 1,000 employees and plants in Italy, Slovakia, Iran and China.

The 2021 international meeting in Milan provided the opportunity to highlight the company’s long presence in foreign markets, thanks also to the participation of the following markets: Immergas has been active in the United Kingdom with Alpha Heating Innovation for 21 years, in Portugal for 28 years, in Spain for 27 years, in the Czech Republic for 24, in Poland and Turkey for 23, in the Ukraine for 21, in Slovakia for 18, in Hungary for 17, in Romania and Greece for 16, in Iran and in Bulgaria for 8 years.

A focus of the discussion was also the new European legislation on the sustainability of home climate systems and the technical trends of the new lines of Immergas products, which will arrive on the market at ever increasing frequent intervals in the coming years.

«The evolution of the markets where we operate necessarily involves different timescales, since fossil fuel technologies are still prevalent in some countries. At the same time, however, we are seeing the gradual but unstoppable entry of new competitors who, thanks to economies of scale, offer, promote and sell “electrical” and therefore no gas products,» - concludes Alfredo Amadei. – «A time of analysis and reflection was therefore a priority for the Immerfin group, the Italian holding company that controls Immergas. We have done this through a multidisciplinary approach, in order to provide everyone with an update on the new technologies required by the need to save the Planet, making a contribution with our own green vision».


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