27 Jul 2022



Immergas driving new investments to boost the transition to innovative and more sustainable home climate solutions. Chairman Alfredo Amadei: “Leveraging our competitiveness, we’ll continue investing to bring certainty to the market and to our employees around the world”.


Always take ”the extra step”. This is the key to Immergas’ growth that has been continuing since 1964 despite the current unprecedented complex scenario: pandemic, war in Ukraine, unparalleled difficulties in the procurement of raw materials and semi-finished products, sky rocketing energy costs.  “The extra step” is what confirms the positioning of Immerfin holding, controlled by the Amadei and Carra families, among the key players of sustainability and energy-saving oriented innovation in home climate systems.  The increase of sales volumes has enabled the company to keep the high investment levels that year after year have anticipated market trends with daring choices, such as the Hybrid Change/Chance (i.e. hybrid systems), which today represents “the extra step” in the challenging transition to innovative and more sustainable home climate systems offered by Immergas heat pumps and hybrid systems that recorded a 250% growth in 2021 sales. 

“Thanks to our competitiveness (8,000,000 boilers sold worldwide)” - remarked the Chairman of Immerfin, Alfredo Amadei – “we will continue investing to make Immergas grow to bring certainty (stability, continuity, evolution opportunities) to the market, designers, installers, retailer chains, end customers and our employees worldwide.  It is thanks to our employees (over one thousand of whom 620 at the headquarters of Lentigione di Brescello) that we can always offer the most suitable solution.  At our Research Center - Laboratorium we are testing advanced solutions: hydrogen, different gas blends, new heat pumps, new photovoltaic systems and many digital solutions to make the home climate control smart both for comfort and for management costs”.


2021 results and 2022 outlook – After six months of growth, 2022 is all about increasing sales: “if the deliveries of parts were regular” – points out Alfredo Amadei – “the positive trend would be even stronger, but what counts is our daily commitment to ensure the flow of goods leaving our plants: from Brescello, from Poprad (Slovakia), from our production plant in China, and in Quazvin (Iran) that is about to double in size”.


New investments – In addition to the “work in progress” in production plants, acceleration on new technologies is confirmed by projects like the Green Gas Academy, a true point of excellence, to look at the future, when the energy source mix will be increasingly more based on renewables, with the certainty of “the extra step”.


Immergas world – Researching new markets .

Alfredo Amadei: “We are living through a momentous and fast transition. Through our presence in more than 50 countries we see opportunities and “the extra step” decided in 2010 when we set up Immerenergy to take on the challenge of the world of photovoltaic energy and energy sources other than gas is now of strategic importance. In 2021 and even more in the first half of this year, the Immerenergy activities targeted to spread hybrid systems have been growing at very positive rates. As is the case of condensing boilers that have been “at home” in Immergas for many years and continue evolving thanks to digital solutions.  In 2021, 65% of the boilers manufactured was sold on foreign markets with successful case histories, such as the case of the Alpha Heating Innovation brand in the UK, Vips Gas in the Czech Republic and many more”.

In Ukraine and Russia, accounting for 2% of Immergas’ consolidated turnover, activities continue.


“The extra step” has something new - In the year of its 60th anniversary, Immergas is going to have new solutions to place on the market.  At the right time, as usual: “with no leap forward, but never a step behind. The same strategy adopted for its approach to sustainability, which is an overarching concept for Immergas, a part of its DNA, of the company’s genetic code” concludes Chairman Alfredo Amadei.

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22 Feb 2022



Il gruppo di Lentigione di Brescello investe per limitare l’uso della plastica in azienda, installando nuove colonnine per erogare acqua e regala ai dipendenti una bottiglia ecologica e termica. Piccoli passi verso una visione sempre più orientata alla valorizzazione dell’impegno nelle strategie ESG.


Brescello 22 febbraio 2022 - Una trentina di erogatori di acqua potabile posizionati in tutte le aree produttive e negli uffici della sede centrale Immergas dove lavorano oltre 600 persone e un migliaio di bottiglie ecologiche e termiche, che consentiranno di limitare al massimo l’uso della plastica in azienda.

«Da qualche anno la nostra green vision» – spiega il Presidente Alfredo Amadei – «è sempre più integrata con il nostro storico impegno per le persone e per i territori dove operiamo. La risorsa acqua è preziosa e non sprecarla è il messaggio che vogliamo lanciare. Piccoli passi, certamente, ma concreti e collegati a una visione del nostro futuro sempre più orientata alla valorizzazione dell’impegno nelle strategie ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance Criteria). Siamo convinti che ogni segnale di cambiamento in senso green porterà valore al nostro fare impresa.

Possiamo immaginare che le nuove bottiglie, tutte rigorosamente “rosso Immergas”, permetteranno di eliminare l’utilizzo di circa 200.000 bottigliette di plastica in un anno. La bottiglia è utilizzabile sia in inverno che in estate e le bevande rimarranno calde o fresche fino a otto ore».

Immergas, tra gli obiettivi dell'agenda 2030 dell’ONU, considera positiva la decisione di eliminare la plastica in favore delle bottiglie di alluminio per proteggere l'ecosistema, aiutare il clima e garantire modelli sostenibili di produzione e di consumo.

Il piano investimenti, già dal 2022, porterà il gruppo che ha chiuso il 2020 con un fatturato consolidato di 283 milioni di euro, che preludono a un aumento nel 2021, verso le nuove frontiere tratteggiate anche dal Green New Deal europeo, puntando sui sistemi ibridi e no gas sviluppando soluzioni per consentire l’utilizzo dei biogas e dell’idrogeno, con soluzioni studiate specificamente per il clima domestico.

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04 Feb 2022



February 5, 1964 saw the foundation of a company that today is a multinational enterprise dedicated to new home climate solutions focused on sustainability and energy saving, with 1,108 employees worldwide. Immergas invests in people development and achieves a new production record while implementing ESG standards.


A new production record for Immergas with the manufacture of boiler number 8,000,000. It is an innovative Victrix Zeus Superior, a wall-hung condensing boiler with a 54 litre stainless steel storage tank, featuring a new design, high hydraulic performance and maximum efficiency, which can take advantage of tax deductions in force with its Ecological Class 6 rating.

The 5th of February is a special day, as it marks the anniversary of the foundation date of the company that Romano Amadei, Gianni Bacchi and Giuseppe Carra created in Brescello in 1964. A small workshop that today is a family-run multinational enterprise, with production plants in Italy, Slovakia, Iran and China, committed to the development of cutting-edge home climate solutions with a strong focus on sustainability, energy saving and empowerment of people.

The Immerfin group led by Romano Amadei includes 1,108 employees worldwide.

«We have invested and continue to invest in processes and products» – comments the President of Immergas, Alfredo Amadei - «but on this special day, the 58th anniversary of Immergas, we want to thank all the people who over almost sixty years have made it possible for Immergas to grow and develop new ideas. Ideas that are not only recently “sustainable”. We have been following the fundamental ESG values (Environmental, Social and Governance Criteria) since the company was taking its first steps, when it had just a few dozen employees. Today we are investing in training and in our “Laboratorium” Research Centre in order to send a clear signal to the market: change has begun and it will be rapid. The guiding idea, which is also the basis of the ESG criteria, is simple: companies are more likely to be successful and generate excellent profits when they create value for all their stakeholders, namely, employees, clients, suppliers and society in general, including the environment, and not just for their owners. This is the company’s perspective. The company is committed now and will continue to be committed when home climate systems will evolve towards new sustainability targets.”

Over the two years of the pandemic, the workforce in the headquarters of Lentigione di Brescello has increased: there are now 610 employees.

«Last year was very challenging: first of all regarding logistics and the supply of raw materials and also in terms of energy costs» – adds Alfredo Amadei – «We are addressing the many uncertainties we face with this certainty: Immergas actively invests in its people in order to remain competitive in Italy and in the world.”

As early as 2022, the investment plan will lead the group - which closed 2020 with a consolidated turnover of 283 million Euro, foreshadowing an increase in 2021 -  towards the new frontiers that have also been outlined by the European Green New Deal, focussing on hybrid and no gas systems and on the use of biogas and hydrogen, with specifically designed home climate solutions.

“As it approaches the 60-year milestone, Immergas is investing in the highest value: the development of its people”, concludes Alfredo Amadei.

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14 Dec 2021



Il gruppo di Brescello ha deciso di premiare i dipendenti impegnati in uno sforzo straordinario per far fronte alle richieste produttive.


Brescello 14 dicembre 2021 – Mille Euro nella busta paga di dicembre, che sarà consegnata a gennaio 2022 a tutti i dipendenti Immergas (agli operai, agli impiegati, ai quadri e ai lavoratori somministrati). È questo il “grazie” che l’azienda di Lentigione di Brescello, di proprietà delle famiglie Amadei e Carra, ha scelto di far arrivare a tutti i dipendenti che complessivamente sono oltre 600.

«Lo sforzo congiunto dei nostri collaboratori, a tutti i livelli» - ha commentato il Presidente Alfredo Amadei - «durante la pandemia da COVID-19 e in questo anno complicato dalle difficoltà nel reperimento di materie prime e componenti, hanno garantito una risposta puntuale ad una domanda crescente di caldaie, sistemi ibridi e apparecchi. Con questo premio straordinario Immergas vuole esprimere la sua gratitudine a tutti i suoi dipendenti».

Il 2022 sarà un anno altrettanto impegnativo. L’azienda ha infatti confermato forti investimenti nell’innovazione, che porteranno grandi cambiamenti nei sistemi Immergas: sistemi sempre più digitali nella gestione e basati su fonti energetiche rinnovabili, senza mai dimenticare il primo obiettivo che rimane il comfort climatico delle case in tutto il mondo. Il piano investimenti, già dal 2022, porterà il gruppo verso le nuove frontiere, tratteggiate anche dal Green New Deal europeo, all’utilizzo dei biogas e dell’idrogeno, con soluzioni studiate per il clima domestico.

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15 Oct 2021



A meeting in Milan, finally held in person, marks the start of the new global development plans of the group, which is about to end 2021 with a double-digit turnover increase and opens a branch in the Netherlands.


Brescello 15 October 2021 – Finally in person, with all the languages the “Immergas world” speaks daily, 15 countries come together to discuss the road map that will lead to significant innovations: new home climate solutions, more and more focused on hybrid and no gas systems, ingenious formulas to enhance the reliability of products and services to the end customer which Immergas has been offering since 1964, and many initiatives for promoting the Immergas brand in all international markets.

«To us, Made in Italy - points out Alfredo Amadei, President of Immergas – «is an extremely important added value, but just as important is bringing it to all the areas of the world where we operate now and where will be operating in the next few years. As it is happening in the Netherlands, with the opening of our first branch in the country. With Immergas Nederland BV in Zwolle, about 100 kilometres from Amsterdam, we aim to offer our most advanced solutions: hybrid systems and heat pumps. We have just participated in an important exhibition - Vakbeurs Energie - and the response was positive. We wanted to dedicate the first event actually in person, after the difficult months of the pandemic, to an international meeting, in order to establish the key points of the work programmes for 2022 and beyond and confirming our strong investment in innovation, which will bring great changes to the Immergas systems - more and more digitally controlled and based on renewable energy sources - yet never losing sight of the main objective: the climate comfort of homes around the world. As early as 2022, our investment plan will lead the group towards new frontiers - which have also been outlined by the European Green New Deal - to the use of biogas and hydrogens, with solutions designed for the home climate, starting with the expansion (doubling) of the Iran plant, together with ongoing investments in all the other production facilities of the group».

In 2020 the Immergas export share was 54%. Sales volumes have increased by 23% in Romania, by 11% in Great Britain and Slovakia, by 7% in Bulgaria, by 5.5% in Hungary, and by 6% in Poland, while they are substantially stable in Italy and in Greece. The upward trend continued in the first six months of 2021 in a way that leads to the expectation a double-figure turnover increase at the end of the year both in Italy and abroad.

The 2020 consolidated financial statement of Immerfin, the Italian holding company that controls Immergas - which has its headquarters in Brescello (Reggio Emilia) - reports revenues of 283 million euros with over 1,000 employees and plants in Italy, Slovakia, Iran and China.

The 2021 international meeting in Milan provided the opportunity to highlight the company’s long presence in foreign markets, thanks also to the participation of the following markets: Immergas has been active in the United Kingdom with Alpha Heating Innovation for 21 years, in Portugal for 28 years, in Spain for 27 years, in the Czech Republic for 24, in Poland and Turkey for 23, in the Ukraine for 21, in Slovakia for 18, in Hungary for 17, in Romania and Greece for 16, in Iran and in Bulgaria for 8 years.

A focus of the discussion was also the new European legislation on the sustainability of home climate systems and the technical trends of the new lines of Immergas products, which will arrive on the market at ever increasing frequent intervals in the coming years.

«The evolution of the markets where we operate necessarily involves different timescales, since fossil fuel technologies are still prevalent in some countries. At the same time, however, we are seeing the gradual but unstoppable entry of new competitors who, thanks to economies of scale, offer, promote and sell “electrical” and therefore no gas products,» - concludes Alfredo Amadei. – «A time of analysis and reflection was therefore a priority for the Immerfin group, the Italian holding company that controls Immergas. We have done this through a multidisciplinary approach, in order to provide everyone with an update on the new technologies required by the need to save the Planet, making a contribution with our own green vision».


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Michele Cecchi, Italy’s Consul General in Shanghai, attended the opening day of the new Immergas plant in China. A 3 million dollar investment to produce gas boilers designed for the Asian market. Production has already started with 25 workers increasing to 100 at full production capacity. First year revenue is expected to be around 20 million Euro.