High quality services for all the customers

Immergas is not just a company of products, but it is actually an organization that believes in customer service as a strategy to gaining the trust of their target, ensuring a high level of satisfaction and winning over new markets. For this reason, Immergas has always placed a great deal of attention on all issues related to pre-sales and after-sales, creating special services with a high added value.

The relationship with designers, installers, professionals

Immergas maintains an exclusive relationship with its installation technicians, who are constantly updated on the latest product developments by means of pre-sales training courses held at its locations. Every year about 700 installers, designers from several country visit the company and they can appreciate our the entire Immergas production phase features the "work and check". During the visit they also can meet the technical department to see the technologically advanced equipment and highly specialized personnel.

New technologies and training courses everywhere

The massive worldwide presence of a technical service network is another crown jewel of Immergas Service, to ensure qualified support for any after-sales service need. In every country the technicians are always update to a news technologies and products with specific training course. Our pre-sales department organize this training courses abroad or in Immergas according to the costumer.

Total collaboration in the supply chain

Every importers, customers or subsidiaries is supported by an export sales department composed by seven efficient employees who help them with the orders: availability of the products, time of delivery, management of the orders of the products and the relevant components and spare parts, supporting the organization of the loading. The export sales department work together with the Commercial Directions, the Customer Care and the Supply Chain and they provide for answers rapidly (within 24 hours).

Quick answers to every importer

Since 2013 Immergas is authorized to local clearance procedure, so the company is allowed to clearance internally, quickening the procedures of exporting products and being sure that the goods left the EU territory. The spare parts deliveries are planned and, in case of urgency, it is possible to send them by express courier within 48/72 hours. All our clients/importers are supplied by advertising material agreed with Immergas for marketing activities to support the sales in their own country.