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In the year that marks the twentieth anniversary of their presence in China, the Immerfin group is investing 3 million Dollars to create a new production unit, the third one abroad after Slovakia and Iran, in operation from 2019. More investments are being made in Italy too, with the inauguration of the new Research and Development centre. The next goal is to increase turnover to over 300 million euro.

30 Jul 2018



Our 25-year presence on the Spanish market is key to the creation of the 11th branch worldwide, in partnership with the Sanchez-Seco family. The new company located in Madrid aims at doubling market shares already in 2018.


Brescello 30 July 2018 - Immerfin is speeding down the road to internationalization. Having set off the project to create a new production unit in Changzhou, China’s National Hi-Tech District (the third one abroad after Slovakia and Iran), Immergas boosts its network of branches worldwide with equity investment in Immerspagna.

This is its eleventh direct branch and it will contribute to make up, together with a commercial network spread in 50 Countries, almost 70% of revenue that is expected to grow to 280 million Euro for 2018.

This represents the evolution of a commercial business dating back to 1994, when Camillo Scotti, then Sales Manager, laid the foundations for the development phases to come.

«The Spanish market has changed in many ways in recent years and, although it is always among the most competitive in the world, we believe there is ample space to state our philosophy: to offer a package of high quality standard products paired with an excellent pre and post-sale service. We decided to take this important step - Alessandro Bianchi, Immerspagna’s Vice President of Operations explains – together with our Spanish partner, the Sanchez-Seco family that in recent years has been contributing to uphold Immergas prestige in Spain and to whom we are especially thankful. We have already defined together a three-year development plan, that will allow us to boost the organizational structure and our aim will be to sell at least 15,000 Immergas units per year».

Immerfin now owns 80% of Immerspagna. The Sanchez-Seco family holds the remaining company shares.

«Immergas presence on the Spanish market is very well established – explains Alfredo Amadei, Immergas and Immerspagna Chairman– and we have the right partner to launch a new development phase aimed at both expanding our ground in Spain and developing more innovative hybrid solutions for home climate control».

We have a team of 15 people working in Spain (10 of those are agents) coordinated by Laura Sanchez-Seco. Gregorio Sanchez-Seco and his son Carlos will manage the technical and post-sale side through Gremisat, the company that collaborates in more than 70 Authorized Technical Assistance Centres throughout the country.

«Immergas technical assistance service in Spain has always guaranteed the maintenance of more than 100,000 boilers installed – says Laura Sanchez–Seco - and the new expansion plan is based on this foundation of continuity and trust. In the sector of home climate control the Spanish and Italian markets are very similar and this is the reason why the synergies with the Italian parent company will be even stronger».

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