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Wall-hung compact traditional boiler for heating only, open chamber conventional flue
Code 3.024013
Heat output kW 24
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 756 x 440 x 240
Type combi
Modulating heat output 40 - 100%
D.H.W. production (∆t 30°C) l/min 11,4

Wall-hung traditional sealed chamber boiler.
24 kW heat output.
It is characterized by extremely compact dimensions, modern and elegant design and by the high performances. The boiler's sober and linear aesthetics has a control panel with keys and descriptive icons and a backlit digital display that guarantees an easy and immediate use and management of the boiler's functioning mode.
The double heat-exchanger allows an immediate hot water production and a remarkably simple hydraulic circuit, increasing the boiler's reliability and making its maintenance easier.
The advanced electronics allows the coupling with optional kits for the climatic thermoregulation.
EOLO MYTHOS 24 2 E is certified to be installed both indoor and outdoor in partially sheltered places thanks to the IPX5D electric protection. It is equipped with a -5°C anti-freeze kit as standard.
This product is not for sales in EU market.

Compact dimensions
Digital display
Maximum installation flexibility
Electrical box cover plate kit for SMARTECH PLUS       Code 3.031013

It allows the covering of the wall hole for electrical boxes type 503.

SMARTECH PLUS - SMART remote control       Code 3.030909

Hi-tech smart wireless remote control with Bluetooth technology

The kit includes:
• Chronothermostat (to be placed where you want to adjust the temperature)
• Gateway (to be connected to the boiler or to the internet network at home - power supply 230 V)
• Wall fixing base (with leveling bubble integrated)
• Table stand
• 2 power batteries (as standard)
• Functioning room temperature: 0 - +40 °C
• Protection rating IP 20

Temperature control class: V* or VI
Contribution to seasonal space heating energy efficiency 3%* or 4%


*default settings.

Expansion kit for SMARTECH PLUS       Code 3.030911

For controlling the temperature in several areas of the house (example living and sleeping areas).

The kit includes: additional SMART thermostat and wi-fi relay (in this case the wi-fi network is required).


CARV2 (weekly chronothermostat and modulating remote control)       Code 3.021395

Class of device V* or VI

Contribution to the environmental heating seasonal energy efficiency 3%* or 4%

*as standard

Flue systems
Concentric horizontal complete kit Ø 60/100       Code 3.017736
Flue components for traditional boilers and water heaters.

Twin pipes complete kit Ø 80/80       Code 3.010351

For traditional boilers.

Insulated twin pipes complete kit Ø 80/80       Code 3.010233

For traditional boilers.

Concentric horizontal complete kit Ø 80/125       Code 3.010526

For traditional boilers.

Concentric vertical complete kit Ø 80/125       Code 3.010352

For traditional boilers.

Concentric vertical outlet Ø 60/100 (red ocher color)       Code 3.015631

To be combined with the flanged stub-pipe for vertical outlet (code 3.011141).
For traditional boilers.

Wind-stop outlet      Code 3.011488

For traditional boilers, Ø 80.

Flue systems
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