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Code 3.030388
Heat output kW 13,8
Efficiency 91,2%
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 1080 x 560 x 710
Full appliance weight kg 158
Modulating heat output 30 - 100%
Pellet tank capacity kg 46


Floor standing pellet boiler.
Nominal heat output: 13,8 kW.

LUXOR V2 is the new range of high efficiency pellet boilers for home heating.
It includes 5 versions  from 16 to 33 kW, all with built-in pellet tank and circulation pump.
The built-in pellet tank guarantees up to 56 hours continuous operation in modulating mode, in the 28 and
33 kW versions. This can be further increased with the use of optional pellet tanks, complete with loading screw.
Pellet boilers always require combination with combined storage tank to meet peak demands of the heating system and reduce switch-on/switch-off cycles, thus optimizing boiler operation. Moreover with the addition of a puffer, LUXOR V2 boilers can produce domestic hot water.
All Immergas pellet boilers respect the limits set for emission (class 5 EN 303-5) and energy efficiency.
It is important to use A1 certified pellets in all LUXOR V2 boilers.
The convenient pellet loading door with safety grille and easy access to components for periodic cleaning,
make maintenance operations simple and quick.

Compact dimensions
Wide modulating heat output
Low pollutant emissions
CRONO 7 (weekly digital chronothermostat)       Code 3.021622

ON/OFF room thermostat.


Class of device IV* or VII

Contribution to the environmental heating seasonal energy efficiency 2%* or 3,5%

* default settings

CRONO 7 WIRELESS (wireless weekly digital chronothermostat)       Code 3.021624

ON/OFF room thermostat.


Class of device IV* or VII

Contribution to the environmental heating energy efficiency 2%* or 3,5%

* default settings

Flue systems
Draught adjuster kit      Code 3.028488
For LUXOR 16 - 20 - 24 - 28 - 33, recommended for chimneys with long paths (over 10 meters).
Anti condensation mixing valve kit      Code 3.028491
To avoid phenomenons of condensate formation.
Pellet tank with feeding screw - Capacity 500 l / 320 kg      Code 3.028486
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 1520 x 962 x 962
Pellet tank with feeding screw - Capacity 350 l / 225 kg      Code 3.028487
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 1520 x 566 x 962
Pellet charger control unit      Code 3.028492

To consider in addition to extra pellet tank.

Level sensor kit     Code 3.028493
To insert in the pellet tank inside boiler.
UB 300 V2     Code 3.028480

Combined Storage Tank Unit for heating and domestic hot water integration.
The 295 litres Storage Tank Unit is equipped with two concentric coil shaped stainless steel water to water heat exchangers, one of them dedicated to DHW production and the other one fit for energy integration, in case of coupling with solar collector or another energy source.Polyurethane (PU) rigid insulation thick 70 mm (which can bedisassembled in case of necessity).The standard anodic protection system is given by two magnesium anodes, one of them placed in the upper part of the storage and the other inserted in the bottom, close to the flange.
This solution can be easily integrated with its own optional kit.
UB 3000 V2 body is pre-arranged to fix double pump station and to insert electric resistance kit.
Ideal solution for single-family homes, storage tank unit has 5 years conventional warranty.

Flue systems
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