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27 May 2021



All over Europe, the new communication line “The hybrid Change/Chance” marks the start of the development plan that takes the group to its 60th year from foundation with the launch of new HVAC solutions increasingly geared to sustainability. The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has issued Immergas with the Certificate of Registration for exclusive use. The new green line of Immergas also encompasses the new Immerenergy website.


Brescello, 27th May 2021 - This 57th year is a very special one for Immergas, because 2021 will see the new investments for innovation and sustainability take concrete form.

“New products and new solutions” – explains Alfredo Amadei, Chairman – “that will give a sign of acceleration as we approach the 60-year milestone: years spent in the constant pursuit of innovation, which takes concrete form in the development of our new hybrid systems and in the recognition received from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), which issued Immergas with the Certificate of Registration for the slogan The Hybrid Change/Chance. In the HVAC sector, the use of the slogan will only be allowed if referred to Immergas products and systems. It is an important recognition which increases the recognizability of our company. It is a clear sign; a trademark that speaks about our way of seeing the transformation that we are experiencing, not only regarding the technology but also in terms of care for the environment”.

The work of our marketing team led to the formulation of a message that will be used in all Immergas communication lines.


EUIPO with its headquarters in Alicante, Spain, since 1994 is the EU Intellectual Property Office in charge of managing trademarks, drawings and models registered in the European Union. It also cooperates with the IP offices of EU member states and with international partners to offer equivalent registration services for trademarks, drawings and models worldwide.


“The Hybrid Change/Chance” – remarks Ettore Bergamaschi, Immergas Operational Marketing and Communication Director – “was chosen to give prominence to our company’s Green Approach philosophy: our way of tackling new projects with the objective of reducing consumption and harmful emissions right from the start, constantly improving the performance and therefore the efficiency of our HVAC systems”.

The Hybrid Change/Chance is the slogan that will stand next to Immergas brand in every communication all over Europe, highlighting its global reach.

“The concept of hybrid is at the centre” - adds Cristina Biazzi, Head of Immergas Communication Department - “this word has entered our daily language to describe the combination of traditional and modern technologies for the production and use of energy that will progressively get less dependent on fossil fuel. It is an essential step towards reducing to a minimum the environmental impact of the systems that make our home climate comfortable.  The technological step forward is the change that many professionals have sought and that we support with our appliances, in the belief that they will offer everyone a great chance. From the combination of these two important words, we created the slogan The Hybrid Change/Chance: by changing just one letter (G/C), “change” turns into “chance”. This is a sign of positivity that perfectly matches with Immergas approach, the company that for nearly 60 years has welcomed technological progress aiming at a constant improvement”.

Another important component of Immergas Green Line is the new Immerenergy website. It displays in a clear, direct way the two areas of activity: the smart, turn-key photovoltaic solutions both for residential and industrial applications, eligible for the 110% superbonus with the possibility for the users to request a quotation.


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