Reliability has been from the beginning our primary requirement so that at all times and in all situations people could count on the products they purchased. The spirit of innovation was the spark that started Immergas. Today this means going beyond the mere comfort of the domestic environment: it means producing appliances that are saving more and consuming increasingly less with the help of renewable energy sources. Service is one of the characteristics that has made Immergas famous at home and abroad. It comes from the relationship with the professionals in the sector, from their need to be always up-to-date and informed, from their readiness to respond as quickly as possible to customer requests. This is why Immergas is the only company in the sector that provides service 7 days a week during the winter period.
The rigour of internal procedures has always been a mainstay of the company's organization. When the need arose to determine the quality of the production processes through internationally recognized Certifications, Immergas was already mentally prepared to participate in this revolution. The UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certification concerns the Total Quality of the Immergas processes, from design to manufacturing and after-sales service. It is an important confirmation of what the company has always invested in: checks, tests, safety, quality of the environment. And now, with the new production line, checks on most operations are computerized. This further increases the certainty of offering high-quality products.
The new production line inaugurated by Graziano Delrio, the Under Secretary to the Presidency of the Council, was built a few hundred metres from where the first Immergas workshop was erected in 1964. And there is more to show the company's attachment to its origins: Immergas is proud of the fact that the entire line was designed internally by its own engineers, experts and technicians after listening to the needs of those using it every day. It is the clearest example of Immergas' way of working: listening to people, planning objectives, designing the best and, above all, relying on experience and on Italian know-how. This has been the way since the beginning, 50 years ago. Thus the great majority of the Immergas boilers and products are manufactured in Italy, and even those made in the Poprad plant in Slovakia are born from Italian experience. This is the path that Immergas will continue to follow.
Achieving such an important goal makes us realize that we have become part of people's daily lives. The fact that millions of families have been relying on the Immergas brand for a long time means that the company's responsibility is all the greater. The best way to meet the expectations of this very vast public is to always improve, to always be up-to-date and when possible ahead of the times, to be clear in what we offer and precise in our answers. 6 million boilers are not a destination but a stimulus to do even more in order for all the Italian families to choose Immergas again when it comes to updating the system in their homes. And this is our main objective.
55 years of experience