Over 60% of the Immergas production is sold abroad. This is the figure that above all others indicates the direction of the company's expansion: strengthening its solid leadership in the Italian market, keeping the primary design and manufacturing centre in our country, gradually opening up to new markets, starting from a knowledge of the countries and their specific requirements. The most intense globalization effort took place in the 1995-2005 decade and it confirmed once more the importance of a strategy applied in the same way in Italy and in other countries: matching quality of products with quality of services. All over the world Immergas boilers are sold only through professionals who maintain the training of technicians with regular refresher courses.
The quest for reliable partners and the development of strong and lasting business relations is the route we have chosen to establish ourselves patiently and steadily in new markets. This is precisely how it is happening in Chile, Argentina, Algeria, Tunisia, Portugal, Ireland, Holland, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Belgium, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Iran, Iraq, New Zealand and Australia.

The result of this evolution is a widespread sales network spread over 50 countries that sells mostly high-efficiency heat generators with the Immergas and Alpha Heating Innovation brands. Belonging to the Immerfin Group - the holding headed by Romano Amadei who controls Immergas - are 14 commercial branches, most of them in Europe: England (Alpha Therm), Hungary (Immergas Hungaria kft), Poland (Immergas Polska z.o.o.), Slovakia (Immergas s.r.o.), Romania (Immergas Romania), Greece (Immergas Hellas), Spain (Immerspagna s.l.), Bulgaria (Amax Gas), Turkey (Immergas Turkey), Russia (Immergas ooo), Ukraine (immergas Ukraina), Belarus (immergas Bel), Iran (Immergaz Pad) e China (Immergas Beijing).