The new research centre at the heart of the Immergas headquarters

The new Laboratorium represents a very important investment for Immergas. First of all in order to focus increasingly on future development and then to communicate clearly. The Research Centre is a beautiful, well-made building, carefully designed by the Parma-based EFA studio. Starting from the facade it conveys a strong message to those who see it: Immergas is investing here, in the location in which it was born, in order to further develop the advanced technologies that lead to greater home comfort, respect for the environment and reduction of consumption. Immergas is committed to its local area and to Made in Italy.

Space for research and innovation

The 2,500 square metres of interior space of the research centre are mostly dedicated to laboratories, test rooms and offices for the over 60 experts and engineers at the helm of company innovation. The structure was designed to allow for rapid development, and to adapt to the requirements of any kind of new research. In addition to 20km of cables and 30km of pipes, the lab houses the state-of-the-art technical equipment.
The technicians’ workstations are richly equipped with cutting-edge computerized instruments: each piece of data is immediately correlated with predefined parameters through different analytical procedures and then stored in order to provide a wealth of useful research information.


All the activities
of a Centre dedicated to development

All technological experimentation taking place in the Laboratorium aims to improve functionality, efficiency, reduction of costs and care of the environment.
In the area dedicated to the development of electronic solutions, for example, remote controls have been created and artificial intelligence technology is being developed.
The objective of the testing areas, on the other hand, is improving the durability of appliances: these are pushed to the limit and put through accelerated use that corresponds to 10 years of use by families with very different habits. In the semi-anechoic chamber they study how to make boilers more quiet. Home comfort is one of the main objectives of the studies.


Better solutions
for all families worldwide

In the area in which combustion is improved the focus is on two different objectives: on the one hand maximum efficiency is sought even at minimum power in order to reduce consumption and harmful emissions, on the other yields are tested with dozens of different gases in order to prepare Immergas products for export everywhere in the world.
The equipment also undergoes stringent testing in the thermal chamber: the temperature can be pushed from -15 to +45 degrees. This way installers and designers receive precise guidelines for use in any weather condition. Thus Immergas solutions can continue to be sold successfully in over 50 countries on all continents.