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26 Jun 2015



An international technical service meeting that compared strategies for boosting the network of Immergas technical support in foreign markets, starting from the experiences of the ten subsidiaries operating worldwide.



Brescello, 26th June 2015 - Immergas wants to develop internationally the network that for many years in Italy has been connecting in real time technical service centres and dealers with the central functions of headquarters, with the goal of continuously improving the level of competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

«We want to enhance the role and specific functions of the ten subsidiaries that we have opened worldwide and of all our international partners - says Alfredo Amadei, Vice President of Immergas - and to do this we must draw on and enhance the Italian experience, which led us to create a true agenda of meetings dedicated to direct dialogue and discussion, aimed at improving performances. Starting by listening, Immergas wants to propose concrete solutions to support the activities of its subsidiaries and of its international partners operating on all continents. Immergas generates 60% of its sales abroad, thanks also to the manufacturing units in Slovakia (Immergas Europe) and the start up in Iran (Immergas Pars)».

The international technical service meeting held in the rooms of the Domus Technica, the Immergas advanced training centre, developed an agenda that will lead rapidly to the development of new strategies for consolidating the presence of Immergas in foreign markets.

«We compared the good practices that have been set up in each subsidiary - said Renato Morelli, Immergas Technical Service Director - in order to replicate the model that in Italy is based on the technical service centres and the Caius Club Professional. A constantly connected network that has given and continues to give excellent results in managing the most varied issues encountered in the daily activity on the market. A face to face that integrates perfectly with the online activities and the portal dedicated to technical support, which is being continuously enriched with new specific functions».

They came to Brescello from around the world to exchange ideas with the Immergas management.

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