Italian know-how and design
Immergas was founded in 1964 for the design and manufacture of gas boilers for domestic use. Over 55 years of experience and more than 7 million boilers installed make Immergas one of the leading companies in the heating sector in Italy and in several European countries.
Greater attention to alternative energy and gas consumption savings have given Immergas a leading position in the production of innovative technologies. Through its new Research Centre the company is investing further in the design of evolved hybrid systems, and producing electronically-controlled systems that can select the more cost-effective energy source from among condensing boiler, heat pump, solar panels and photovoltaic system, in order to generate heat or cool air with the least amount of energy consumption.

Based in Brescello (Reggio Emilia), with a covered area of 55.000 square meters, Immergas has a staff of almost 600 employees.
The Immerfin Group sales network - the holding headed by Romano Amadei who controls Immergas - covers 50 countries, with 12 commercial branches in Europe and two in Asia. In Italy 130 different models are designed and manufactured on 13 production lines. In Poprad in Slovakia, Qazvin in Iran and in China (opening scheduled for the end of 2019) are manufactured products dedicated especially to non-European markets. In 2018 the company had a sales volume of 400.000 units, two thirds of which were sold on foreign markets.

Under the ImmerEnergy brand, Immergas has been working since 2010 in the field of renewable energy, producing high-power photovoltaic systems and addressing the complex issues of energy efficiency, essential for the protection of the environment and the recovery of the building sector.


Quality in products and services, equally. 
An essential element of the Immergas organizational method has always been the relationship with the professionals who work in daily contact with customers and in their homes. In order for the quality of products to be accompanied by equally outstanding services, Immergas has always provided its installation and maintenance personnel with high-level training on the latest standards and technologies. Technicians thus have the best possible knowledge of products and systems, are up-to-date with the most recent solutions and ensure high standards of maintenance.
The network of Immergas Authorized Technical Assistance Centres has grown through the years and has now achieved widespread distribution through the national territory. Today it is made up of 600 Technical Assistance Centres equipped with specialized, reliable and organized technicians: the only ones ready to provide assistance 7 days a week during the winter period.
The Immergas professionals guarantee the highest level of services, compliance with legal requirements, and safe and efficient systems for minimum energy consumption.