08 May 2018



In the year that marks the twentieth anniversary of their presence in China, the Immerfin group is investing 3 million Dollars to create a new production unit, the third one abroad after Slovakia and Iran, in operation from 2019. More investments are being made in Italy too, with the inauguration of the new Research and Development centre. The next goal is to increase turnover to over 300 million euro.


Brescello 8 May 2018 - Exactly twenty years have passed since Alfredo Amadei followed Marco Polo's "Silk road" to take the first Immergas boilers to China. «Today we are ready to start a new phase of growth in that market too – announced Alfredo Amadei, current Chairman of Immergas – we have built strong relationships through our well-established presence in Beijing and Shanghai. We have clients who deliver our products throughout China. The turnover is growing and there is increasing demand for advanced HVAC solutions, like the ones developed by Immergas. It is for these reasons, and to leverage our investment in China, that we assessed the feasibility of a new production unit in the National high technology district of Changzhou, designed to serve the local market. A clear choice that confirms Immergas's positioning in the HVAC market in China. In the first phase, we will have an area of 5300 square metres».

The investment started by Immergas amounts to approximately 3 million dollars and is in parallel with the creation of an innovative Research and Development Centre in the Lentigione (Reggio Emilia) headquarters, which will be inaugurated in the next few months.

«These are two important investments – commented Alfredo Amadei – and they are synergistic. The boilers that we are going to produce in China, exclusively for the Chinese market, are based on 4.0 manufacturing engineering which we developed in our Lentigione lines and in our foreign plants, they will be designed and tested in the new Research and Development Centre, whose broad focus encompasses hybrid and no gas technology. The future of Immergas will follow these guidelines: internationalization (of production as well as sales with more expansions in our network of branches), technological development and innovation».

«The new production plant in China, the third one abroad after Poprad in Slovakia and Qazvin in Iran – commented Gionata Carra, managing director of Immerfin who handles the development of all the Immergas production units abroad – will initially employ 25 people, increasing to 100 once the plant reaches its maximum capacity of 100,000 boilers per year».

The Immergas Beijing trading company has been active since 2005. In 2017, Immergas sold 26,000 boilers in China giving a turnover of close to 17 million euro. The Chinese branch, with Beijing and Shanghai, employs 35 people.

The new Immergas plant, whose establishment is being supervised by Bruno Rinaldi, Immergas General Manager for China, is situated in the "heart" of China, at Yangtze river delta, in the Jiangsu region, very close to Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou. There are two of China's first class open ports, the port of Changzhou and the international Changzhou Benniu airport, as well as the Changzhou railway station, a key stop along the high speed Beijing-Shanghai railway line. In addition two motorways, three provincial fast highways and three rivers cross the region.

«We want to “think Chinese”, understand and best interpret the needs of customers, through a rather ambitious but very realistic production project - concludes Alfredo Amadei. The quality criteria will definitely continue to be "made in Italy", as will product design and Research and Development. The objective is to produce a range geared exclusively to the Chinese market, with construction and quality principles to suit that market, but in the way that we consider most correct: products combines with pre and after-sale services plus great focus on loyalty building with our partners. Immergas always puts customers at the centre and this strategy follows us all over the world».

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11 Apr 2018



Il progetto Energie per la Scuola, lanciato da Immergas in occasione del 50° dalla fondazione, per portare le energie rinnovabili nel mondo della scuola, esce dalle aule e diventa un’occasione di incontro e riflessione aperta a tutti.


Brescello 11 aprile 2018 - Il progetto Energie per la Scuola, lanciato da Immergas in occasione del 50° dalla fondazione, per portare le energie rinnovabili nel mondo della scuola, esce dalle aule e diventa un’occasione di incontro e riflessione aperta a tutti. È successo al museo MuVi di Viadana per iniziativa degli allievi della classe 4 AS del Liceo Ettore Sanfelice di Viadana, che hanno promosso l’incontro “Energia Solare: per un futuro sostenibile” coinvolgendo, insieme all’associazione Aperion (i volontari che fanno vivere il MuVi), il Direttore Marketing Operativo e Comunicazione di Immergas Ettore Bergamaschi e la ricercatrice Universitaria Grata Rosa.

È toccato a 5 allievi del Liceo, da anni impegnato sulle tematiche legate all’educazione ambientale, il compito di aprire la lezione al Museo, mettendo a frutto le sensibilità green maturate in classe e allargate con il desiderio di condividerle con la collettività, partendo da amici e genitori.

«Abbiamo accolto con grande entusiasmo l’invito dei ragazzi e delle ragazze del Liceo Sanfelice di Viadana - commenta Ettore Bergamaschi - è stata un’importante occasione per diffondere tematiche green in cui crediamo fortemente. Stiamo raccogliendo attenzioni crescenti verso i temi legati alle energie rinnovabili sia nelle scuole che nelle amministrazioni comunali e nel mondo dell’associazionismo. Immergas è al lavoro con il Ministero dell’Istruzione per diffondere ancora maggiormente queste tematiche che hanno già coinvolto oltre 2.500 studenti in 21 scuole primarie e secondarie di primo grado in sei regioni d’Italia».

Grande interesse durante l’incontro per i casi concreti di utilizzo dell’energia solare in una casa indipendente; risparmi e vantaggi che numeri alla mano possono diventare buone pratiche di comportamento e scelte di investimento per ogni famiglia. Temi sviluppati nel dettaglio da Immergas. Greta Rosa PhD in fisica presso l’Università di Parma ha illustrato in modo teorico come nasce l’energia solare, concentrandosi su come i film sottili catturano energia dal sole.

Una lezione al Museo che ha consentito di affrontare tematiche centrali per la vita di tutti, come i consumi energetici, le applicazioni della tecnologia fotovoltaica e i nuovi sviluppi che consentiranno, come dimostrano il lavoro in corso anche nel Centro Ricerche Immergas e le nuove soluzioni presentate da Immergas e ImmerEnergy alla Fiera MCE che si è appena conclusa a Milano, di rendere ancora più facile e vantaggioso l’utilizzo dell’energia solare.


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28 Mar 2018



The biannual MCE Expocomfort 2018 Exhibition, just closed in Milan, saw the participation of Caius Club members increase by 20% thanks to new products, new solutions and  advanced services.


Brescello 28 March 2018 - Ninety days after the Enza stream overflowed into the group's headquarters in Lentigione di Brescello, causing a production shutdown, Immergas presented its new products, new solutions and advanced services at the biennial MCE Expocomfort 2018 Exhibition, which has just closed in Milan: «Attendance by members of the Caius Club (a nation-wide group of over 26000 installers and designers) has increased by 20% compared to the 2016 show and our stand was visited by over 15000 people, one out of ten on the total number of visitors at the MCE 2018 exhibition - commented Immergas Chairman Alfredo Amadei - Immergas has attended the Expocomfort Convention Exhibition right from its very first editions, but the 41st show marks a new record of active participation in our initiatives for installers and designers. This is proof of the strong connection we have with Italian as well as foreign customers (with significant participation from China, Iran and Eastern Europe). It is a relationship of trust, based on reputation and quality».

This is the outcome after four days of exhibition in Milan, where the company showcased their many new products and services.

Our role in the renewable energy segment is now consolidated and the new range of Luxor pellet boilers for home heating is only one of the new introductions expected in 2018 and presented at MCE.

A lot of interest was also shown for the Caius Club Professional initiatives: «We presented the new volume from the Immergas technical library “Hybrid and No Gas systems: a practical guide to frequently asked questions and to Immergas solutions” illustrating the new HVAC solutions - explained Alfredo Amadei - based on real cases and on the FAQ formula, questions and answers that every day Immergas provides through its pre and after-sale services to operators in the HVAC sector».

The maxi stand, with the towering 6 metre Caius Colossus, turned immediately into a meeting point for a number of institutional sessions on the future of home climate control geared to comfort, energy saving and sustainability. These issues were addressed by Confindustria Chairman Vincenzo Boccia, who visited the Immergas stand during the opening day of MCE 2018 and René Kemna, consultant to the EU commission on Ecodesign and Energy Labelling regulations. During the press conference on the Voluntary protocol for market surveillance organized by Anima, Kemna highlighted the importance of an agreement between heating equipment manufacturers who are subject to energy labelling and ecodesign regulations. «We have adhered to the Assotermica Legality Protocol – commented Chairman Alfredo Amadei - because we firmly believe in the values of respect for rules, of transparency and fair competition. These are our values».

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19 Feb 2018



The most important Italian fair dedicated to home climate control is scheduled from 13 to 16 March at Fiera Milano. New products, hybrid solutions, new services and many learning opportunities for the sector’s professionals. Immergas joins the Voluntary Protocol setup by Assotermica to monitor the market.


Brescello 19 February 2018 - Immergas takes to the 41st edition of the MCE 2018 exhibition new projects, new services and many learning opportunities on key subjects for home climate control professionals in a large stand geared towards multimedia communication and characterized by Immergas’ usual hospitality. Visitors will be greeted with our message for the years to come: “With nature’s energies”.

«We are facing rapid and very significant changes in the whole sector – says Alfredo Amadei, Immergas Chairman – not just for those who, like us, invest in presenting innovative technological solutions geared towards saving energy and sustainability, but also for the sector’s professionals and the end users who have now a variety of different offers, not all of them oriented towards transparency. This is why Immergas decided to join the Voluntary Protocol for monitoring the market setup by Assotermica. This choice aims at quality and service, as it has been Immergas’ tradition for 54 years, but also at the new rules for tax incentives. From this year, the 65% green bonus for replacing winter climate-control systems with the installation of condensing boilers (of at least class A) refers only to operations that include the installation of smart thermostats. At MCE 2018 “The Essence of Comfort”, Immergas presents these fixed points to begin, as it always happens, a dialogue with the sector’s professionals that leads to innovation and sustainability. Our MCE 2018 stand, while keeping up with tradition (the big 6-meter tall Caius Colossus will be at the centre of the exhibition space) bets on green energy and quality services for the sector’s operators and Immergas’ products end users. There will be more that 100 product and strategy presentations during the four days».

During the 2016 edition of MCE (with more than 2,000 exhibitors and 155,000 visitors expected from 141 countries) Immergas’ stand had more than 15 thousand visitors.

Also this year there will be special events for Caius Club Professional members (more than 24,000 designers and installers), and a new volume of Immergas’ technical series will be presented and meetings on pre- and post-sale services will be held. In the name of the traditional “Emilia-style” hospitality, there will be a large area for food and beverages. An average of more than 100 people will welcome visitors and handle the various initiatives planned at the Immergas’ stand.

At MCE - Mostra Convegno Expocomfort - 2018 Immergas will be at pavilion 2 booth A33- E38, (Fieramilano Rho Pero).

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15 Feb 2018



Since 1997 the branch serving the market of the Czech Republic has been growing and strengthening. Development plans aim at growing synergies and designing more advanced solutions for home climate control.


Brescello15 February 2018 – On the twentieth anniversary of the collaboration between Immergas and Vips Gas, Immergas’ Chairman Alfredo Amadei welcomed at the Brescello headquarters various groups of installers accompanied by top managers. The exclusive mandate that Vips Gas enjoyed from the beginning of its partnership has expanded Immergas’ presence in the Czech Republic.

Immergas has been Vips Gas shareholder since 1997. The company’s headquarters is in Liberec, about an hour away from Prague.

The development plan and the investments made by Immergas and Vips Gas, also thanks to the entry into the European Union (in 2004), have led to the creation of more than 10 offices in the main Czech cities and, in twenty years, to the development of a network of almost eighty highly qualified Technical Service Centres.

Vips Gas and Immergas have worked in synergy in the Czech Republic securing a 10% market share of high-end products oriented towards maximum comfort, energy savings and environmental sustainability.

Team Vips Gas has a staff of 55 people and the technicians are trained in close collaboration with the Italian parent company that provides also ongoing updates.

Vips Gas is headed by: Jiri Chocholousek (Chairman) and young Petr Chochcolousek (General Manager) who toasted with Alfredo Amadei to the next years of collaboration.

«Ever more developed synergies are a virtuous example for the entire network of Immergas branches around the world – said Alfredo Amadei, Immergas Chairman - Vips Gas has indeed created a Training Centre with condensing systems based on existing hybrid systems, dedicated to installers and designers working in the Czech Republic, in line with what we have been doing for almost thirty years at the Domus Technica in Lentigione near Brescello».

The partnership between Immergas and Vips Gas ushers in new initiatives for the Czech Republic’s market, with a population of 10 million. It provides timely answers to the requests for hybrid home climate control systems geared to comfort as well as energy saving and sustainability while respecting the new European regulations.

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