04 Feb 2022



February 5, 1964 saw the foundation of a company that today is a multinational enterprise dedicated to new home climate solutions focused on sustainability and energy saving, with 1,108 employees worldwide. Immergas invests in people development and achieves a new production record while implementing ESG standards.


A new production record for Immergas with the manufacture of boiler number 8,000,000. It is an innovative Victrix Zeus Superior, a wall-hung condensing boiler with a 54 litre stainless steel storage tank, featuring a new design, high hydraulic performance and maximum efficiency, which can take advantage of tax deductions in force with its Ecological Class 6 rating.

The 5th of February is a special day, as it marks the anniversary of the foundation date of the company that Romano Amadei, Gianni Bacchi and Giuseppe Carra created in Brescello in 1964. A small workshop that today is a family-run multinational enterprise, with production plants in Italy, Slovakia, Iran and China, committed to the development of cutting-edge home climate solutions with a strong focus on sustainability, energy saving and empowerment of people.

The Immerfin group led by Romano Amadei includes 1,108 employees worldwide.

«We have invested and continue to invest in processes and products» – comments the President of Immergas, Alfredo Amadei - «but on this special day, the 58th anniversary of Immergas, we want to thank all the people who over almost sixty years have made it possible for Immergas to grow and develop new ideas. Ideas that are not only recently “sustainable”. We have been following the fundamental ESG values (Environmental, Social and Governance Criteria) since the company was taking its first steps, when it had just a few dozen employees. Today we are investing in training and in our “Laboratorium” Research Centre in order to send a clear signal to the market: change has begun and it will be rapid. The guiding idea, which is also the basis of the ESG criteria, is simple: companies are more likely to be successful and generate excellent profits when they create value for all their stakeholders, namely, employees, clients, suppliers and society in general, including the environment, and not just for their owners. This is the company’s perspective. The company is committed now and will continue to be committed when home climate systems will evolve towards new sustainability targets.”

Over the two years of the pandemic, the workforce in the headquarters of Lentigione di Brescello has increased: there are now 610 employees.

«Last year was very challenging: first of all regarding logistics and the supply of raw materials and also in terms of energy costs» – adds Alfredo Amadei – «We are addressing the many uncertainties we face with this certainty: Immergas actively invests in its people in order to remain competitive in Italy and in the world.”

As early as 2022, the investment plan will lead the group - which closed 2020 with a consolidated turnover of 283 million Euro, foreshadowing an increase in 2021 -  towards the new frontiers that have also been outlined by the European Green New Deal, focussing on hybrid and no gas systems and on the use of biogas and hydrogen, with specifically designed home climate solutions.

“As it approaches the 60-year milestone, Immergas is investing in the highest value: the development of its people”, concludes Alfredo Amadei.

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February 5, 1964 saw the foundation of a company that today is a multinational enterprise dedicated to new home climate solutions focused on sustainability and energy saving. Immergas invests in development and achieves a new production record.