27 Jun 2016



Double recognition for Formula Comfort Extra, the innovative maintenance program with no activation costs launched by Immergas.



Brescello 27th June - In a period of 7 months, 17,500 customers have already joined the new Immergas maintenance program, thanks also to the information campaign launched in November 2015 with creation of the dedicated mini-website www.formulacomfort.immergas.com and an innovative advertising project selected by Google as a success case.

To communicate the advantages of Formula Comfort Extra directly to end customers, Immergas has chosen an innovative marketing strategy, in collaboration with Aicod advertising agency. «Using Google AdWords on search networks and display networks - explains Ettore Bergamaschi, Operating Marketing and Communication Director - in just a few month the campaign has increased the number of contacts by new potential customers with Immergas and with its network of Authorized Service Centre. The campaign has produced a 25% growth rate in the conversion rate compared to previous investment in digital advertising and 7,781 conversions (CAT searches plus contact form completions). It was the first time that we structured our online campaign this way and we are happy with the results».

Contacts take place through a simple, intuitive landing page in which end users can obtain more information about our maintenance program and find out the location of the nearest Authorized Service Centre (or directly contact Immergas to have further details). In just three months, the Formula Comfort Extra campaign has generated over 200,000 visits to the mini-website, which often led to also visiting our main website www.immergas.com and Immergas Italy pages in social networks. On Facebook alone, the Formula Comfort Extra campaign has reached 2 million people. In addition to Google, other advertising actions have been started on target websites and social networks. The advertising project for Formula Comfort Extra was selected as successful case in the Google Partners program, which Aicod has joined as certified agency.

«Formula Comfort Extra - explains Renato Morelli Immergas Service Director - is the Immergas maintenance program with no activation costs. You simply need to buy an Immergas boiler and subscribe to our Comfort Extra Formula service programme with your nearest Authorized Immergas Service Centre and pay the annual fee for each of the four planned services. In addition you can immediately extend the guarantee by 3 or 5 years to obtain a total of 8 or 10 years».


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