14 Nov 2019



In Sofia, President Alfredo Amadei announced a new record: one in five boilers in Bulgaria bears the Immergas name and there are excellent prospects for the future expansion of the branch that has a turnover of 5 million euros. Further collaboration with the Technical School that trains home climate control professionals and meetings with the economic team of the Italian Embassy.


Brescello 14 November 2019 – Immergas is drawing to the close of 2019, the year of its 55th anniversary since its foundation, as market leader in condensation boilers in Italy for the 15th year running with a double-digit growth rate, and confirms its sales lead in Bulgaria, too, thanks to the development of the Amax Gas branch, which celebrates its 20th anniversary since its foundation.

«Twenty years prove that this is a partnership based on a long-term vision» - pointed out the President of Immergas Alfredo Amadei - «we have followed the development of the Bulgarian market step by step until we have become market leaders, thanks also to our choice of investing in the training of sector professionals and in the quality of our partners right from the start of our expansion in that country. Our growth is also due to new solutions focused on energy saving and sustainability, which are received with great interest». Amax Gas Ltd. was founded in 1999 by Lubomir Hadjiysky, who at once aimed at the development and dissemination of the Immergas brand and its “Made in Italy” products, in order to offer complete and increasingly efficient solutions.

«The Bulgarian market» - comments Lubomir Hadjiysky - «started to develop 20 years ago and we immediately took the opportunity to grow. Today the gas network is a reality and we expect that in the next few years a combination of gas and electrical systems will develop. In this context we are and will be able to offer technologically-advanced solutions for home climate control and I am optimistic about the future». Thanks to regular refresher courses for Bulgarian technical installers, as well as numerous training courses, presentations, partnerships and services to end customers, Amax Gas, in close collaboration with Immergas, has built up a solid position as market leader in Bulgaria: more than 4,000 boilers sold in 2019, corresponding to a market share of over 30%.

Amax Gas will end 2019 with a turnover of about 5 million euros, while the Immerfin Group is expecting a consolidated turnover of 300 million.

Amax Gas has grown and has established a team of 25 employees who follow over 500 customers in Sofia and throughout Bulgaria.

In 2010 the new Amax Gas operational headquarters were built and in 2013 Immerfin, the holding company that controls Immergas, decided to acquire control of the company, which thus became a full member of the Group. As for the future, Immergas confirms its commitment to keep focussing the new installations in Bulgaria on energy saving, sustainability and home comfort.

Within this context, the President of Immergas SpA, Alfredo Amadei, and the Managing Director of Amax Gas, Lubomir Hadjiysky met the team of the Italian Embassy in Sofia: «our Made in Italy is certainly much appreciated in Bulgaria» - stated Francesco Calderoli, Deputy Head of Mission of the Italian Embassy in Sofia - «not only for its fashion and design but also for its cutting-edge technology, as in the case of Immergas. This is a growing country and therefore the prospects are good».

Ambassador Stefano Baldi also referred to these themes when he welcomed all the guests (about 150), Bulgarian and Italian customers and suppliers, gathered at the Oborishte 5 Exhibition Centre, in the heart of Sofia: «the experience of Immergas in Bulgaria is an excellent example of courage in choosing to promote the excellence of Made in Italy abroad. Through the daily work of many companies like Immergas, this year Italy is once again confirmed as Bulgaria’s second commercial partner».

In addition to the training that every year brings hundreds of professionals in the sector to Sofia for refresher courses and sessions, Amax Gas has been working with the Henry Ford Advanced Technical School of Energy and Transport to train the technicians of the future which, in Bulgaria as well, will be all about comfort, energy saving, and sustainability.

This commitment has also materialized in concrete form with the installation of a technical-educational room focused on cutting-edge hybrid systems for home climate control, which welcomes over 300 students a year.

Immergas has announced new developments for the next few years and the launch of new home climate control solutions focused on the Bulgarian market, which has great potential for growth, starting from their well-established connections and from the positioning which sees Italy as Bulgaria’s second commercial partner for both imports and exports. These ties are also visible in the flags of the two countries, which display the same colours.

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