15 Apr 2015



VICTRIX TT starts a generation of boilers designed for new installations and especially for replacement of existing system.


Brescello 15th April 2015 – VICTRIX TT is top in made in Italy technology: designed for the most demanding professionals and manufactured in the new, highly-automated lines of the company's original headquarters in Brescello, Immergas 50th anniversary boiler is also proud to bear the new company trademark, which will accompany it towards the next 50 years. The entire range has been studied to anticipate the latest European Directives on energy consumption, with increasing application of condensing technology, for easier achievement of high efficiency classes in home heating and domestic hot water production.


The letters TT stand for "Top Tech", the ultimate technology. VICTRIX TT features an innovative condensing unit that guarantees outstanding flow rate and head in the heating circuit, low clogging risk from system impurities and greater resistance to corrosion thanks to the special alloy used for construction.


Produced both in the instant version and for heating only, with a modulating power range of between 15-100%, it features a well-thought out and attractive design, a new primary condensing heat exchanger and an electronic fuel-injection and self-regulating combustion control system, offering great flexibility. Its top performance in terms of heat output raises the energy-saving rating of the building and increases the value of the property.


VICTRIX TT is the first Immergas range that can be remotely controlled through the new DOMINUS app (available in second semester 2015). The simple and intuitive app can be used to control the boiler or display its operation on a tablet, smartphone and portable PC.


The advantages:


  • High hydraulic performance thanks to the new condensing model manufactured from a special corrosion-resistant alloy


  • A wide modulation field allowing high seasonal yield and reducing operating costs


  • Electronic air/gas control through the new electronic circuit board. It is no longer necessary to change the nozzles if the type of gas is changed


  • Can be installed outdoors in a partially-protected location


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