10 Sep 2014



In its 50th year from foundation, Immergas renovates the trademark that represents it in the world market of domestic climate control, highlighting their plans to invest in cutting edge technology.

Brescello 10th September 2014 - Over 5 million boilers installed around the world tell the story of the Immergas brand which in its 50 year celebration year launches a new logo. The first Immergas trademark, in 1964, was simply the name in black italics, in traditional calligraphy. The second logo, in 1970, was also black, combined with a distinctive graphic sign, an inverted triangle. A classic trademark which communicated the company's soundness and style in the first years of rapid growth; while the various shades of red and the flame became an integral part of the logo from 1976. This dynamic graphic style evolved and led to the version launched in the 80s, which today is changing and becoming a trait - d'union between past and future.

The history of the Immergas logos "must be respected". On this basis, Immergas entrusted Aicod communication agency of Parma with the task of revamping the trademark and the Caius Camillus icon, the Roman centurion who has been an ambassador for Immergas since the early 80s. The company felt the need to design a new communication line for the future, in line with the latest trends in communication.

«As we round the fifty year mark in our business - explains Alfredo Amadei, Vice President of Immergas - we have chosen to present our company with a fresh image, one that would better convey our decision to invest in the most innovative technology for domestic climate control, which is the central pivot of our industrial plan, but keeping well in mind the value of our background which in half a century has led us to become the leader in the market of condensation boilers in Italy and a key player on international markets. The new Immergas trademark will be our new visiting card in the 43 countries around the world where our domestic heating and climate control solutions are sold. Our 50th anniversary was the right occasion to fly a new flag, confident that it will win the approval of our customers and that it will succeed in making the brand highly recognizable and conveying the values that are at the basis of our entrepreneurial efforts».

«The new Immergas trademark is registered and protected globally - remarks Ettore Bergamaschi, Operational Marketing and Communication Director - we want to instantly communicate our constant drive towards technological innovation, right from the first look. The factors that have laid the grounds for the success of Immergas: energy, clarity, internationality, safety, technology, accuracy and innovation in our products and after-sale service, are the values that we intend to carry forward into the next 50 years of business evolution. The basic elements have stayed the same: the red colour, the flame and Caius Camillus, but they go through to the third millennium with a stronger 3D effect inspired by digital applications».

«Every element of the logo – says Michele Riccomini, Aicod Art Director – was studied and redesigned to convey above all the family feeling of Immergas, but also a greater dynamism, balance, technology, soundness, uniformity, expertise and uniqueness». For those who like to "spot the differences", the large red dot on the "I" of Immergas was taken away in the restyling. «We have made an effort - concludes Alfredo Amadei - to ensure that once again memory and future can go hand in hand. And once again the company symbol will have to succeed in expressing modernity and representing our values.

The more we share these values, the stronger they become: thanks to these values one can recognize an important history and an idea of a possible future for Italian industry and for the companies that form the vital core of Italian Medium Tech, our country's technologically sophisticated production. In short, our brand must convey only one concept: well-made products and services».

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