Complying with regulations is not enough. The change we need nowadays requires a more advanced way of thinking about the environment and industrial activities: a real revolution in the organization of production and housing structures. Our lives are literally at stake.
IImmergas is convinced of this need and is so involved in the search for new solutions that it is has developed a more advanced entrepreneurial philosophy: the "Green Approach". Its objective is not that of applying pre-defined solutions but, rather, of facing each new project with the following ambitious objectives right from the start: the reduction of waste, energy losses and emissions.
On the roofs of the Immergas plants, for example, a large 800 kWp photovoltaic system is working silently and efficiently: a strong daily contribution to the reduction of consumption and greenhouse emissions.


ImmerEnergy: energy management, retrofitting of the buildings.
2010 saw the start of ImmerEnergy: the Immergas division set up to deal in a structural way with the issues of production and energy savings. For ImmerEnergy each new system, building or production activity is an opportunity to deliver projects with higher sustainability standards and to increase the efficiency of private homes or the competitiveness of industrial buildings.
With this objective in mind, the team of ImmerEnergy professionals has been involved for years in the supply of high-power photovoltaic systems and in energy efficiency. The accurate study of each situation makes it possible to provide clients not only with the best solutions according to the most advanced technology of the moment, but also with operational procedures from E.S.Co., the companies that can improve the energy efficiency of buildings and free owners from organizational and investment burdens.
Another revolutionary aspect of the "Green Approach" that can benefit everybody: companies, clients, and citizens.


55 years of experience