ANNI Intro
A surprise party that means a lot.
On February 5, 2014, the Immergas employees organized a surprise party for their President, Romano Amadei. At the end of the work day, hundreds of people gathered to hand him a plaque, in an affectionate and spontaneous gesture, and to start in this most simple and sincere of ways the celebrations of the company's 50th Anniversary.
Closeness among people, teamwork, the determination to achieve great goals, gratitude. The success of Immergas has been based on such values from the start: this company, which has been operating for some time beyond national borders, still preserves within itself the great heart of the most productive, supportive and generous Italian province.
ANNI 1964 (foundation year)
Three men and the great optimism of the Italian economic boom.
On February 5, 1964, three men in Brescello (Reggio Emilia) decided to give shape to their dreams as young entrepreneurs. Romano Amadei, Gianni Biacchi and Giuseppe Carra perfectly embodied the spirit of their time, the aspiration for new things, the desire to invent and manufacture which was the most powerful engine of the great Italian economic boom. Back then even a simple workshop warehouse could be the solid foundation on which to build a company: all that was needed was curiosity, the desire to achieve and tireless perseverance in experimenting and improving in order to establish a working method, create reliable products and lay down the first foundations of a company that would sprint through decades of constant evolution. As early as 1965 the first Immergas boiler was produced, in 1967 the company obtained its first patent and two years later it expanded into a warehouse that at the time seemed enormous.
ANNI 1970
Understanding the spirit of the times.
After beginning with the production of kitchen furniture and stoves, as early as the mid-Sixties, Romano Amadei, Gianni Biacchi and Giuseppe Carra chose to devote themselves to the manufacture of boilers and domestic heating: they were following with great insight the developments in lifestyle of the younger generations and they had understood the importance of the methane distribution in Northern Italy. In the following decade the boilers that would be so successful made their first appearance. The first ones came from the NCS MB series and were floor-standing boilers with storage water heater, while the next represented a real challenge for the times: the first RG series wall-hung copper boilers.
ANNI 1980
Evolution never stops.
The transformation of society was very rapid and in the 1980s it became common to build a second bathroom both in new houses and in renovations. Immergas thus produced AVIO, the compact wall-hung boiler with storage tank that provided more hot water and made the company well known outside the country as well. A short time later the EOLO model with sealed chamber was produced: a boiler whose combustion circuit was isolated from the appliance increasing its safety.
ANNI 1990
From Italy out towards the World.
The first Immergas sales branch was set up in Spain in 1994 and was followed, two years later, by one in Poland and one in Turkey. The company's production strength and self-awareness continued to push it towards foreign markets, leading to its establishment in Austria, Belgium, France, Portugal and Slovenia. Technologies developed at an ever-increasing rate and the Super NIKE Vip and the Super EOLO Vip were born, two boilers that could guarantee excellent temperature control. Magis, however, was the product that above all others was ahead of its time: an innovative appliance that could manage in an integrated fashion both the heating and cooling of rooms.
ANNI 2000
Choosing condensation technology.
While the Immergas products were beginning to make a name for themselves in Slovakia, Hungary and China, the research and design process never stopped. The company decided to make a forward leap by investing heavily on a technology that today is very popular: condensation. The way towards reducing emissions and saving energy was laid out and towards the end of the decade appliances based on renewable energy entered the market: photovoltaic, solar thermal, heat pumps and integrated systems.
ANNI 2010
From Integrated Systems to Energy Management.
Producing good appliances is no longer sufficient: systems must be designed and manufactured that can integrate different energy sources in order to manage them in the most efficient way. In the Immergas hybrid systems, condensation is perfectly inserted in systems that can choose each time the most efficient energy source depending on the climate and weather conditions. Domestic energy management: this is where the research, design and production efforts of the most Italian company in the sector are directed.
ANNI 2014 (50th Anniversary)
The 50th anniversary: another opportunity to go further.

Alfredo Amadei, the Vice-President of Immergas, has stated: «Our first 5 years are an important landmark: we do not want to merely pay homage to our founders but, rather, continue their work. This is why there is not going to be one particular celebration. Instead, the whole of 2014 will be a year of initiatives and reflection about our journey together and about the future that we want to share with our employees, our suppliers and of course with our customers. The Immergas world is constantly developing with new investments aimed at improving competitiveness.» Action, development, transformation: the only thing that does not change with time is our readiness to always move forward and improve. This is probably the secret of 50 years of unimaginable success, still pursued today with conviction, every day.

In order to go beyond mere celebrations, in 2014 Immergas has given four important signs of its wish for renewal: a completely new installation of its historic stand at the MCE Exhibition in Milan; a completely new, state-of-the-art production line; the birth of the new range Top Tech, the latest in technology; and restyling of the company trademark. The reiteration of the word "new" is deliberate, as this is the preferred direction by Immergas.

ANNI Museum
Seeing history.
For older visitors, a tour of the Immergas Museum can be an enjoyable journey through time, rediscovering memories connected with the evolution of domestic appliances. Young visitors, on the other hand, can view a slice of the social history of our homes. Those who have been working for a long time at Immergas can be moved by such a long gallery of memories. The historical appliances, the naive design of the earliest days and the major moments of corporate communication are thoughtfully exhibited in the museum rooms that were inaugurated on January 31, 2007, near the production plants.