A success story born
out of Italy’s economic boom

1968. From craftsmanship to industry: a change of prospects with the new workshop

Three men and the great optimism of the Italian economic boom.

It was on 5 February 1964, in Brescello, Reggio Emilia, that three young men decided to act on their dreams and become entrepreneurs.

Romano Amadei, Gianni Biacchi and Giuseppe Carra embodied the zeitgeist: the desire to invent and make that was the most powerful engine of Italy’s economic boom. All they needed was a workshop, a desire to innovate and tenacity to found a new way of working, create reliable machinery and give birth to a business that was destined to enjoy decades of success.
Immergas first boiler came out in 1965, the company obtained its first patent in ’67, and two years later it began to expand.
1974. Opening up to the whole country with an Immergas stand at the Milan Mostra Convegno energy industry show

Understanding and anticipating the zeitgeist.

Romano Amadei, Gianni Biacchi and Giuseppe Carra used their intuition to track the evolving lifestyles of the new generations, and

understood the importance of expanding the use of methane in northern Italy. The 1970s saw the launch of some highly successful boilers. The first one came from the NCX MB series, which consisted of floor standing boilers with a kettle on the side, while the second represented a real innovation at the time: they were the first wall-mounted boilers, made of copper, from the RG series.
1980. More machines, more employees and more production towards a decade of innovation

Development never stops.

Society was transforming rapidly, and in the 1980s people began to build a second bathroom in both new and renovated houses.

Immergas produced AVIO, the compact wall-hung storage boiler, which provided more hot water and made the company famous, even outside of Italy. A while later the firm launched the sealed-chamber EOLO model: a boiler with an isolated combustion circuit for maximum safety.
1997. Immergas thinks big and gives space to new offices and new skills

From Italy to the rest of the world.

In 1994, in Spain, Immergas opened its first overseas commercial branch, before opening a second in Poland two years later, and a third in Turkey.

The company’s self-awareness also enabled it to expand in Austria, Belgium, France, Portugal and Slovenia. Technologies evolved and resulted in the launch of the Super NIKE Vip and the Super EOLO Vip, two boilers with excellent temperature control.
The machine that was most ahead of its time was the MAGIS, which was capable of integrated management of both heating and cooling. In 1997 Immergas reached 1 million boilers sold worldwide, the first of a series of great achievements.
2008. The new plant in Slovakia enables the company to expand eastwards

Technology and energy efficiency towards new borders.

While Immergas products were becoming known in Slovakia, Hungary and China, its research and design activities continued.

In 2003 it launched immergas.com, its first website dedicated to professionals.
Meanwhile, the company invested in condensation, the most cutting-edge technology at the time, with a view to reducing polluting emissions and saving energy.
In 2004 the Caius Club dedicated to professionals was born to provide qualified services reserved for members only.
In 2007, after a long time spent collating documents and historic machines, the Immergas Museum was born. 11 years later, it was dedicated to a great manager: Camillo Scotti. It offers an experience rich in information and exciting images.
Towards the end of the decade, the market saw an influx of machines based on renewable energies: photovoltaic, solar heating, heat pumps and integrated systems.
2010. Domus Technica, the new Immergas advanced training centre for professionals

From integrated systems to energy management.

It is increasingly important to produce systems that integrate different energy sources in the most efficient way possible.

Immergas hybrid systems combine condensation with renewable-energy generators and are managed by digital controls that always choose the most efficient source, depending on climate and costs.
Research, design and production are advancing rapidly in this direction and in this period Immerenergy, the division specialized in photovoltaics, was born.
In 2010 the Domus Technica was built to spread the culture of new technologies. The building is innovative, equipped with classrooms and laboratories for the training of professionals.
The spirit of challenge and the importance of fair play are reflected in the choice of great sports champions as testimonials in communication: Francesca Piccinini (volleyball world championship), Alessandra Sensini (Olympic gold medal in windsurfing), Andrea Masi (national rugby team) and many others.
50th anniversary of Immergas: new brand, new technologies and international horizons

50 years on the cutting edge.

The vice-chairman of Immergas, Alfredo Amadei, says: «Our first 50 years have been an important step: we wish not only to pay

tribute to our founders, but to continue their work. That is why the world of Immergas is constantly developing, with new investments to make us more competitive.” On this occasion, the restyling of the corporate brand is carried out and in the same year Immergas participates with a completely new stand of almost 4,000 square meters at the MCE fair in Milan. The highly automated production line for the new range of energy-efficient condensing boilers is designed and built by a 100% Immergas team. The immergas.com website has been completely overhauled: it is full of information and pays detailed attention to the products, the services and the professionals’ area.
2018. Laboratorium, the new Immergas research centre for eco-compatible development

Always achieving new goals.

In 2019, the year in which we celebrated 55 years since the company was founded, Immergas achieved the extraordinary goal of 7 million boilers sold worldwide.

This was the result of numerous efforts that all came together: the growing production capacity of the Italian plants, still proudly based in Brescello, Reggio Emilia; the opening of new overseas plants in Poprad, Slovakia and Qazvin, Iran and the big push towards exports, reaching 50 countries. Meanwhile, Caius Club reaches the great milestone of 15 years of life with 27,000 members.
When, on 12th December 2017, the great flood covered the Lentigione plants with mud, our business unity is demonstrated by an extraordinary choral participation in recovering machines and spaces, which, in fact, carried on with exceptional speed. 2018 saw the construction of Laboratorium, the splendid new Research Centre dedicated to the work of 60 technicians and engineers, offer more comfort, more respect for the environment and reduce consumption.
2020. The VICTRIX HYBRID heat pump: renewable energy for the comfort of all

New technologies and renewable energies.

“The Hybrid chang(c)e” The change (“Change”) is opportunity (“Chance”). The strength of Immergas’ technological evolution

in the decade of 2020 lies in this English play on words. VICTRIX HYBRID is born: the hybrid heat pump that allows everyone to make a technological leap forward by replacing the boiler. In addition to the construction of a third overseas plant in Changzhou, China, the company is addressing end users with a new website, casa.immergas.com: here the advantages of Immergas services for users and new technologies that save and reduce harmful emissions are presented. This is where we will discuss and showcase the new technologies that can help users to save energy and minimise harmful emissions. We are also launching the website of ImmerEnergy – the photovoltaic division – and SMARTECH PLUS, the next-generation digital chronothermostat. Alongise our best professionals, we were able to achieve a great milestone: we sold more than 8 million boilers all over the world. The growth is accompanied by excellent assistance and services such as “Switch to the New” which allows Italian customers to extend their warranty period up to 15 years.