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Continuous improvement

For us in Immergas, the systems that integrate heat pumps, solar heat power, photovoltaic systems and condensing boilers are a choice we have made for some time now to increase the use of renewable energy and reduce consumption while increasing everyone’s wellbeing. For this end, designers and installers are called upon to carry out increasingly evolved tasks and they need constant quality training. We have been engaged for over 30 years in meeting these needs and we have constructed this building for this purpose. This architecturally advanced facility was designed to hold the courses and it is run by a team of passionate and expert trainers. This is the cradle of the high level training that all envy.

Complete support for professionals

When it comes to complex works, being able to count on solid reference points is important. Designers, installers and maintenance engineers that desire to do so, can count on the complete support of Immergas experts in every phase, from coordination of the activities, to consultation on technical topics and quotes, to site calls. Together we can best respond to market requests, propose state of the art systems and a complete service up to installation.

Evolved structures, expert trainers

A facility to improve knowledge
Immergas Domus Technica is an innovative building certified class “A”, created to offer the best in terms of training through great organisation, fully equipped rooms, excellent trainers and systems operating with the most advanced technology. It features 4 demonstration rooms and a technological control unit that uses traditional and renewable energy sources, it allows to perform readings and research on system efficiency.
Systems in operation
Training rooms are dedicated to heat pumps and integrated systems, hybrid systems, thermal solar and solar photovoltaic systems, high power heating systems combined with renewable energy sources. The functional systems of the structure produce energy for the Domus itself and for the adjacent facilities.
Facilities designed for courses
On average, courses last an entire day to better explain how to attain perfect installations and optimal implementation of plants and systems. Rooms have been designed for groups of 15-18 participants to ensure concentration and engagement for all participants.


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