At the 43rd edition of the MCE Expocomfort Fair in Milan the Immerfin Group from Brescello (RE) presented its Made in Italy ready-to-install solutions and the development plans to respond to the new European Union Directives.

It was 5 February 1964, during the years of the Italian economic miracle, when three 20 year olds, Romano Amadei, Gianni Biacchi and Giuseppe Carra, created the first workshop that, step by step, became a family-controlled, globally competitive multinational company, giving visibility to the Made in Italy.

The investment which got underway in 2008 in Poprad, Slovakia is now a flagship operation of Immerfin in Brescello. Turnover growing to 68 million Euro in 2024. Over 160 employees in Slovakia (Poprad and Trenčín), 5 production lines and solutions for domestic climate control exported to dozens of countries.

The North Africa region holds great significance in the development plans of the Immerfin Group. The partnership with the Algerian company Eurl Guetthermique has brought the multinational, controlled by the Amadei and Carra families, to a market share of around 20%, thanks to advanced services integrated with a production unit that assembles boilers in close coordination with the headquarters in Brescello.

The twentieth-anniversary meeting was also attended by the Italian Ambassador to Algeria, Giovanni Pugliese.

More than half a million Immergas boilers installed in China. This marks the new starting point for the Immerfin group, which celebrated the first 26 years of the Immergas brand in the Chinese market and 5 years since the opening of the production centre in Changzhou. Chairman Alfredo Amadei announced new investments to increase production capacity and meet the growing demands of Chinese customers.

For twenty-five years now, the multinational company from Reggio Emilia has been delivering top of the line new HVAC solutions (the premium segment) thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and to the services provided: training facilities in Trenčín, assistance and consulting throughout Slovakia. Immergas Europe Commercial Business Unit celebrates its twentieth anniversary with results beyond positive.

Chairman Alfredo Amadei announces new investments aimed at saving energy and using alternative energy sources, such as green gas and hydrogen in hybrid systems. The 2022 consolidated financial statements of Immerfin, the Italian holding company that controls the Brescello firm, positions the group among the leaders in innovation aimed at sustainability and energy saving in HVAC systems: a turnover of Euro 555 million and over 1,000 employees worldwide.

Immergas S.p.A. has inaugurated its new headquarters in the capital city of Baku, where it will operate alongside Euroclima MMC, the Azerbaijani partner that has been bringing HVAC solutions from Brescello (Reggio Emilia) to the large Caucasian market since 2009.

Sergio Mattarella, President of the Italian Republic, met the General Manager of Immergas Europe during his visit to the Slovak Republic.

Immerfin group invests in a partnership to bring Made in Italy technologies for climate change mitigation to the Canadian and North American markets. The President Alfredo Amadei: «It is a step forward in our plans for internationalisation».

February 5, 1964 saw the foundation of a company that today is a multinational enterprise developing new home climate solutions focused on sustainability and energy saving. Completion of the HyPOWERED research project co-funded by the Emilia-Romagna region and EU to produce innovative boilers for Hydrogen Methane gas mixtures.

Immergas Europe has won the award for Best Italian Company in Slovakia 2022.

Over the course of fourteen years, revenue has increased from 5.8 to 68 million Euro, headcount has grown from 45 to 130 and the company plans to invest to improve sustainability and production capacity for new HVAC systems. 

Immergas driving new investments to boost the transition to innovative and more sustainable home climate solutions. Chairman Alfredo Amadei: “Leveraging our competitiveness, we’ll continue investing to bring certainty to the market and to our employees around the world”.

February 5, 1964 saw the foundation of a company that today is a multinational enterprise dedicated to new home climate solutions focused on sustainability and energy saving, with 1,108 employees worldwide. Immergas invests in people development and achieves a new production record while implementing ESG standards.

A meeting in Milan, finally held in person, marks the start of the new global development plans of the group, which is about to end 2021 with a double-digit turnover increase and opens a branch in the Netherlands.

The 2020 consolidated financial statements of Immerfin, the Italian holding company that controls the firm from Brescello (RE), positions the group among the leaders in innovation aimed at sustainability and energy saving in home climate systems: turnover of Euro 283 million and over 1,000 employees worldwide, with exports accounting for 54% of its activities. 

All over Europe, the new communication line “The hybrid Change/Chance” marks the start of the development plan that takes the group to its 60th year from foundation with the launch of new HVAC solutions increasingly geared to sustainability. 

Our strong investment in research and development, started with the creation of Laboratorium, brings to the market an innovative system to control home climate while saving energy. The Chairman Alfredo Amadei: “We already have a new investment plan for advanced technological products and solutions, starting in 2020 through to 2028.”

The 2019 consolidated financial statements report revenues of 285 million euros. Alfredo Amadei, chairman of Immergas, announces new steps for the development of foreign markets and moves the focus onto R&D and innovation as a way of facing the great changes which the HVAC sector will experience in the coming years.

In Sofia, President Alfredo Amadei announced a new record: one in five boilers in Bulgaria bears the Immergas name and there are excellent prospects for the future expansion of the branch that has a turnover of 5 million euros. Further collaboration with the Technical School that trains home climate control professionals and meetings with the economic team of the Italian Embassy.

Michele Cecchi, Italy’s Consul General in Shanghai, attended the opening day of the new Immergas plant in China. A 3 million dollar investment to produce gas boilers designed for the Asian market. Production has already started with 25 workers increasing to 100 at full production capacity. First year revenue is expected to be around 20 million Euro.

The financial statements of the Immerfin group report a consolidated turnover of € 311.1 million, 70% of which was generated in foreign markets. The massive investments made in Italy (the new Laboratorium research centre) and the ones under way in China (production plant) open new growth perspectives.

The new production facility set up in Changzhou will be officially opened before the end of this year. The first boiler geared to the Chinese market has already been produced.

February 5, 1964 saw the foundation of a company that today is a multinational enterprise dedicated to new home climate solutions focused on sustainability and energy saving. Immergas invests in development and achieves a new production record.

The official channel of the company from Brescello has been active since 2011 and already contains 186 videos. Communication via social media grows and addresses all potential users at 360°: from end customers to installers with an increasing attention also for international markets.

Our 25-year presence on the Spanish market is key to the creation of the 11th branch worldwide, in partnership with the Sanchez-Seco family. The new company located in Madrid aims at doubling market shares already in 2018.

In the year that marks the twentieth anniversary of their presence in China, the Immerfin group is investing 3 million Dollars to create a new production unit, the third one abroad after Slovakia and Iran, in operation from 2019. More investments are being made in Italy too, with the inauguration of the new Research and Development centre. The next goal is to increase turnover to over 300 million euro.

The biannual MCE Expocomfort 2018 Exhibition, just closed in Milan, saw the participation of Caius Club members increase by 20% thanks to new products, new solutions and  advanced services.

The most important Italian fair dedicated to home climate control is scheduled from 13 to 16 March at Fiera Milano. New products, hybrid solutions, new services and many learning opportunities for the sector’s professionals. Immergas joins the Voluntary Protocol setup by Assotermica to monitor the market.

Since 1997 the branch serving the market of the Czech Republic has been growing and strengthening. Development plans aim at growing synergies and designing more advanced solutions for home climate control.

The recovery plan from the emergency caused by the overflowing of the Enza stream proceeds at accelerated pace. «We are winning this challenge, as proved by the shipment of the first boiler» says Chairman Alfredo Amadei.

Our Caius Biga mobile road show travelled to Ukraine to present Immergas's home climate control solutions.

The new assembly line for Immergas Victrix Exa boilers, inaugurated by the President of the Slovak republic, Andrej Kiska, in the Immergas Europe plant in Poprad on 21 September 2016, has produced boiler no. 1,000,000.

Immergas Polska has received the prestigious TOP BRAND award within all-Poland program ‘Consumer's Laurel 2016’ selecting the most recognizable products, brands and services in each category. 

Andrej Kiska, President of the Slovak Republic and President of the European Council in the current semester, together with the new Chairman of Immergas, Alfredo Amadei, have officially inaugurated the new production line of Victrix Exa boilers, which are designed to meet European regulations for improved sustainability and energy saving. An amount exceeding 1 million Euro has been invested in the Poprad factory, consolidating the role of the Italian company in an area of development that is strategic for global competitiveness.


Double recognition for Formula Comfort Extra, the innovative maintenance program with no activation costs launched by Immergas. 

Passing of the baton in the top management of Immergas, Italy's leading group in the manufacturing of condensing boilers designed for sustainability and energy saving: the founder Romano Amadei has passed the Chairman baton, which he had kept continuously from the time he created Immergas with Gianni Biacchi and Giuseppe Carra (in 1964) to his son Alfredo, 48, previously Deputy Chairman of the company.

Immergas Polska was the first foreign branch opened by Immerfin group (today there are 10 around the world).

During an event held in Lodz, Poland, Vice President Alfredo Amadei reiterated the company's intention to keep growing with new products and services. 

At the biennial Expocomfort Exhibition that just ended in Milan, new products, new solutions and advanced services increased participation in initiatives and the number of contacts. Vice President Alfredo Amadei confirms the launch of new R&D investments. 

The social media development plan for corporate communication includes multi-networking on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

"FSC Friday 2015": using FSC recycled paper for the product catalogues printed in the last five years means 150,000 Kg of trees saved from cutting. An average of 15 trees is needed to produce a ton of paper from pure cellulose. 

Our presence on social networks continues to grow and the immergasitalia channel has been active for a month.

With deep sorrow Immergas informs that the young colleague Witold, Managing Director of Immergas Polska, left us at the age of 48.

An international technical service meeting that compared strategies for boosting the network of Immergas technical support in foreign markets, starting from the experiences of the ten subsidiaries operating worldwide.

Immergas is a sponsor of the world championship to be played in Emilia and Lombardy from 2 to 20 June 2015.

VICTRIX TT starts a generation of boilers designed for new installations and especially for replacement of existing system. 

The innovation area of the Immergas plant in Brescello has been upgraded and its external image changed: innovative materials to improve indoor comfort.

In our 50th year from foundation, the new company website brings ease of navigation and many services such as the "Toolbox" app.

In its 50th year from foundation, Immergas renovates the trademark that represents it in the world market of domestic climate control, highlighting their plans to invest in cutting edge technology. 

During his official visit in Shanghai, a few days after the ribbon was cut at the Brescello plant with the State Secretary Graziano Delrio and a few weeks after the visit of the President of the Slovak Republic to the Immergas Europe plant in Poprad.

In its 50 year anniversary, Immergas inaugurated its new production line in the Brescello plant, before a number of important dignitaries, starting with Graziano Delrio, the State Secretary to the Prime Minister.

The Immergas stand was one of the most popular: the 6 metre tall Caius Colossus attracted more than 15,000 professionals. Thousands joined the Caius Club Professional with the special 50th Anniversary club member formula.

The group located in Brescello has signed an agreement with Hunt Heating in Melbourne which will import five gas boilers especially designed for the Asia Pacific market.  New Immergas show room and new development plans. 

Alfredo Amadei: "After four years from the production start the results are growing strongly". 


It's been one year since the launch of the channel collecting almost 40 videos seen about 18thousand times all over the world. Shortly on Twitter too. 


It is fully operating the new photovoltaic roof on Brescello's plant. Along with the one inaugurated in September 2011, it cuts consumption by 50%.

Immergas Europe: "mission accomplished". Active for four years the Poprad plant in Slovakia.


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