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8 million boilers

Immergas has 13 production lines, over 600 employees, and warehouses, offices, training and research centres for around 60 thousand square metres of covered roofed areas. Its design and production centre is located in Brescello, Reggio Emilia, a few metres away from the birth place of its first workshop. It is here that the firm manufactured most of the 8 million boilers installed that make Immergas (a company of the ImmerFin Group) one of the leading companies in the heating sector in Italy, in Europe and worldwide.

The Immerfin Group

The ImmerFin Group is present in 50 countries around the world through 12 sales branches in Europe and 2 in Asia. Italy hosts the design and manufacture of 130 equipment models, while products for overseas markets are manufactured in Poprad, Slovakia, in Qazvin, Iran, and Changhzou, in China.

New technologies since 1964

Immergas was created in 1964 to provide comfort and safety to the homes of Italian families, in the wake of the economic boom. With increasing focus on the environment and thanks to the Green Approach philosophy, Immergas is increasingly developing equipment that makes use of alternative types of energy and aims to reduce consumption through advanced technologies.

How we work

Training and research, with Universities too
The two most innovative buildings at the headquarters are the “Domus Technica” training centre and the “Laboratorium” research centre where 60 experts conduct their research in laboratories testing and developing new ideas. Our strength comes from continuous evolution and the competence of the professionals with whom we collaborate. Additionally, alongside professors, researchers and students from the University of Pisa, we develop a scientific approach focused in analysing and researching new solutions to reduce waste and the impact on the environment.
Cleaner energy
For over twenty years, we are firmly developing and following our “Green Approach” philosophy”. With the Research Centre, we invest in the design of evolved hybrid systems and we build electronically controlled systems to offer an automatically operating and intelligent selection of the most performing source among condensing boilers, heat pumps, solar panels and photovoltaic systems: all this aims to reduce consumption and harmful emissions. Under the brand Immerenergy, we have been producing photovoltaic systems since 2010, finding solutions for energy efficiency improvements, an essential matter also for the recovery of the construction sector.
Quality in products and services
We want to pair the quality of our product with the quality of services, and for this purpose, we have always been offering to installers and maintenance engineers a high level training on new technologies and the latest technical standards. In this way, engineers are always fully updated on products and systems, on evolved solutions and can ensure high maintenance standards.
Quality certification and wide ranging customer service
Strict procedural standards are the core of Immergas. The UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification confirms the Total Quality of the processes: from design to fabrication to post-sale assistance on gas boilers, gas water heaters and their accessories. Furthermore, the network of Immergas Authorised Technical Assistance Centres ensures a widespread presence in Italy. As of today, it is made up of over 600 Technical Assistance Centres with specialised operators, reliable and well organised, ready to deploy 7 days a week during the winter period.

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