Landing 60 years

Six decades of fuelling change with unwavering conviction

Always looking ahead

By the sides of professionals since our journey began on 5 February, 1964. Our core philosophy has always been about designing and producing advanced appliances, listening to people and remaining by the sides of the professionals that work for families.

The strategic organisation and creative drive of Immergas has enabled it to sell over 9 million boilers across 50+ countries. We’ve built an extraordinary global sales network, pushing back boundaries in our quest to minimise harmful emissions, which is the greatest challenge we have set ourselves and will help us pioneer ground-breaking solutions.

Ongoing partnerships

The constant exchange of ideas; the desire to do more and better, working together for our clients.
By offering greater choice, better assistance, more research and greater support to professionals,
we will continue to make the difference. Here’s how:

More solutions for everyone
Gas, electric, hybrid, hydrogen ready, air-conditioning units…Immergas has all your needs covered.
Over 9 million boilers
The strength, expertise and experience of Immergas can also be seen in the number of boilers it has sold in 50 countries worldwide.
Training for professionals
An entire building given over to technical courses, with lots of practice sessions to ensure technicians learn quickly and effectively.
By the side of professionals
Our experts are ready to answer any technical questions and work alongside professionals.
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All the values of the people who work with us

This film introduces Immergas, its people and their values, along with the ideas
that have propelled us forward, and which we will continue to pursue in the next 60 years.

It is us

Always at your disposal

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For consumers in Europe and Worldwide
Twelve Immergas agencies in Europe and two in Asia all work with the same customer care ethos, training up professionals that ensure every family receives the same high standard of assistance. The quality of Immergas services accompanies the value of the products.
The very best training and research
Over 400 courses a year for nine thousand professionals! An entire building is given over to training and practice sessions. Following the Research Centre, we are now building an Innovation Centre to analyse hydrogen and zero-impact gas.
Collaboration and quick answers worldwide
Working together is vital if we are to be efficient in 50 different countries. This is why every importer and subsidiary is supported by a staff member of our export sales department, who helps by providing information about the availability of our products, the approximate time of collection, the management of the order and much more.

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